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Posted 8/15/2011 4:15pm by Shiloh Avery.

big cloud
How could that cloud not make you happy?

I was trying to explain the phenomenon of my tear ducts being linked directly to my anger when I realized that I was using an example of anger from 15 years ago and couldn’t think of a more recent example of when I was really angry.  I guess I’ve mellowed out in my old age.  But then Molly wondered if it wasn’t because I was so content now.  Ever since she mentioned that I’ve been noticing just how content I am.  I drive down the road returning from a delivery smiling at the tall luminescent thunderclouds, even though they might mean rain which would foil our work plan for the day.  I listen to the cheesiest Dian Rehm show and find myself imagining Jason and I at 75, our eyes still full of love for each other and the work we do.  So maybe it is just that I’m so much more content than ever before.  The angst and wanderlust of younger days slipped away unnoticed, my roots, nourished with the joyful work of our days on the farm, have extended deep into the soil here where water is not scarce and life becomes comfortable. And I suppose this absolutely gorgeous weather doesn't hurt too much either:)



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