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Suddenly Summer

Posted 4/25/2019 1:54pm by Shiloh Avery.

Hosing off the frost on the lettuce at 28 degrees at 4am Sunday morning

Did today really just happen?  I had to scramble this morning to dig out my box of summer clothes, unsure of weather (get it?) or not I should actually put away the long johns.  The conversation revolved around sunscreen, swimming holes, and shandy.  And the tomatoes grew.   

It has arrived, my friends.  The shifty season.  We call it spring, but it’s moodier than that.  And more secretive.  It moves through the weeks all shifty-eyed, hiding its intentions beneath its trench coat.  We, the farmers, just follow it around like police, trying to predict its next move so we can catch it in the act.  

Should we cover? Uncover? Plant? Pull our hair out?  So many possibilities. 


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