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Sometimes farming is frustrating and other not shocking news

Posted 4/29/2019 5:19pm by Shiloh Avery.


Only a couple of weeks ago, I said this:

I literally shrink down like an abused dog expecting the next blow when I say this, but “this spring has been pretty good to us so far”

Oops. Insert sheepish grin and shoulder shrug here.  Because this abused dog got what she was expecting: mother nature’s revenge for feeling good about spring.  Seriously, I think she hates spring. All that green and re-birth and renewal nonsense.  It just makes her grumpy.  And anybody liking spring is going to get a swift kick in the pants! 

And so she kicked us swiftly in the pants with powerful gusts of wind that took down a couple of bays in our brand new (to us) “umbrellas” that we put there to deal with her excessive amounts of rain over the last few years.  Sigh.  Sometimes farming is frustrating.

But farmers are also resilient.  Or crazy. Or stupid.  So we spent the weekend lamenting and licking our wounds, and today, we were back at it: replacing parts and putting our little plastic castles back up because…..well because we’re either resilient, crazy, or stupid.  But also because you’ve put your faith in us to feed you and feeding you feels better than any alternative we could think of.




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