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Getting into business with the weather

Posted 4/14/2020 2:06pm by Shiloh Avery.


I watched this entire 13 minute video of a meteorologist!!

There are all sorts of warnings against getting into business with your family, with a friend, with amazon (well, I just googled “don’t get into business with” and that came up, so who knew?), etc.  But why, oh why, is there not a Google autofill for “don’t get into business with the weather.”

Because the weather is a fickle business partner, friends!  You heard it here.  Forecast look good?  Don’t count on it, mother nature might still get a major case of the grumps and blow it all to h-e-double el.  Or maybe she’ll be the sad jilted lover and shed so many tears you’ll think about switching to the boat business instead. 

You just never can know.  She’s moody, and especially in the spring. But here we are, returning to her once again, trying to appease her with plants. 


Scroll down for this week's availability! 

We'll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market in Building C 8am-1pm and at the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market 330 Main Ave NW 8am-1pm.  You can pre-order using the Virtual Farm Stand (see below) before Thursday at 7pm, or let me know by phone, text, or email what you'd like us to hold for you!  Please note that in Hickory, we've been asked to not use coin change, so if you wait until market to purchase, these prices may change slightly.

Also, because of the increase in need for local healthy organic produce, we’re opening our virtual farm stand for deliveries in Hickory, Wilkesboro, and Charlotte on Saturday (Store is open Tuesday-Thursday), and for Wednesday deliveries in Boone (store is open Friday-Monday).  If you haven’t been a farm share member (or even if you have!), this system can be a little confusing, so here are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to order a Farm Stand share: http://tumblingshoalsfarm.com/how-virtual-farm-stand-works

And here's where to place an actual Farm Stand order: https://www.harvie.farm/farm-stand/tumbling-shoals-farm

As we move further along into this bizarre uncertainty, we are working hard to practice good safe social distancing in order to keep farmers markets open and keep this important local food access point, but uncertainty is uncertainty.  We have around 15 or so main season customizable farm shares left, but even with our doubled capacity, they’re going at a couple a day, so don’t delay!  Sign up here:  http://www.harvie.farm/signup/tumbling-shoals-farm and you can find more information here.


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