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The Pause Button

Posted 8/17/2020 5:26pm by Shiloh Avery.

actual photo of me on Sunday

I woke up Sunday in a stupor, with no recollection of how we got here.  I heard a twig crack, whipped my head around and saw that August was already here.  Huh? The farmily have been heading off to vacations, we’re planting like mad for fall, and I just haven’t looked up to notice that it’s already mid-August.

So I slowed Sunday down.  Pressed the pause button and squandered the day away dreaming of cooler days and our own potential vacation.  I stayed in pajamas all day, didn’t leave the house until the sun was scratching the backs of the trees, and did not a darn thing.  I know, there should be some guilt to scrape up because it was a gorgeous day-ripe for outdoor activity.  But I just can’t even manage a smidgen of it.  I’m too busy breathing in and out and enjoying the relaxed aftermath of the pause. And I spend plenty of time outside.  I can squander a gorgeous day.

Things will get done when they get done, or they won’t. And that will be okay too.  Every once in a while, it pays to do the bare minimum, to hit the pause button and just do nothing.

Here's what we we're harvesting this week:

Green Beans (stringless): $3.50/pound

Baby Lettuce Salad Mix (limited): $4/5-oz compostable container or 2/$7

Okra: $2/pint

Shishito peppers: $3/pint

Tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Beefsteak, German Johnson, some Margold): $2.95/pound

Tomatoes: canner boxes (small and/or cosmetically challenged tomatoes), 20-pounds, $30

Sungold Cherry tomatoes: $3.50/pint

Ripe Sweet Italian Peppers (red, orange, and yellow): $4.50/pound

Ripe Sweet Bell Peppers (red and yellow): $4.50/pound

Eggplant: $2.75/pound

Green peppers: $3.00/pound

Purple bell peppers: $3.50/pound

Poblano Peppers: $3.50/pound

"Hatch" (New Mexican) chiles: $3.50/pound

Chiles (Jalapeno, serrano, chilaca, cherry bomb, cayenne): $.25 each

Zephyr Squash: $2.25/lb  last week, Wednesday only I think

Mallory's Mixed flower bouquets: $11.95

Basil: $2/1/8 oz bag 

We'll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market in Building A 8am-12:30 and at the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market 330 Main Ave NW  Wednesday 10am-2pm and Saturday 8am-1pm, and the Watauga County Farmers Market in Boone 8-noon.  


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