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Posted 3/18/2021 2:21pm by Shiloh Avery.

I’ve been learning about, well, a lot of things, but one thing I’ve recently learned was about our “active experience” versus our “remembered experience” and how the latter is much more powerful.  We tend to remember the latter part of any experience more and that can define the whole experience for us.

I wish I had learned this and told Jason before his errand trip the other day because it started out with the local electrical supply store, Western Carolina Electric and the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and the local flooring store, McLean Floorcoverings.  It was a wonderful community experience-sort of like the “Cheers” experience, but without the beer. 

People knew about his project and what he would need to complete it (even if he didn’t), provided fantastic customer service, and gave him that good feeling you get for supporting these faces and first names of local small businesses. But he ended his errand trip at anonymous nameless big box where even finding a helpful or knowledgeable person proved frustratingly impossible. And so his memory of that day was jaded because of its end.

I think a lot about this in planning my days now.  I always try to schedule, if possible, the most unpleasant tasks (if there are any) early on, so I can end on a good note and my memory of the day will be of a good one, no matter what happened early on.  Our brains are such powerful tools-for better or worse-depending on how you harness that power.  Which, of course, I’ll be learning to do until I die. 

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