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In pursuit of happiness

Posted 4/5/2021 2:53pm by Shiloh Avery.

Enjoying the Reddies River this past weekend (photo courtesy of Amy)


I was talking with some farmer friends of mine (who are, incidentally, MUCH younger than me) who do everything on the farm themselves, year round.  They have no employees, and no down time.  I asked, “do you just work all the time?”  The answer is yes, but they view it differently.  They see it as time spent hanging out together (did I mention they’re MUCH younger than me?), and work just happens to be what they do together.

But I can’t help it.  I love my work (most of the time), I really do, and I love my farm/business/life partner.  But I still see it as work.  And I just want to have other things in my life aside from work.  My above mentioned farmer friend said, “I get bored if I’m not working”. But boredom isn’t a part of my life, so it got me thinking about what these “other things besides work” actually are.

For me, the answer is easy and two-fold.  I love to learn.  There is constant learning taking place on the farm, but I need to learn other things.  I read somewhere that having pursuits outside of your regular career is useful, even in the context of said regular career.  I take that to heart. So I learn things.

I also love to recreate.  One of our main motivations in moving close to the mountains was all the access to natural beauty.  We’re so close to endless hiking, kayaking, etc.  that we try to take advantage of all that access as often as possible. 

Does that make us lesser farmers? Maybe. But I’m willing to bet that these youngsters will feel at least slightly different about it when they’re my age.  

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