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Posted 5/24/2021 2:02pm by Shiloh Avery.


We went directly from long johns and frost protection to summer and swimming weather.  Or as I saw today: we went from North Carolaska to North Carizona.  But I (don’t curse me!) would rather be hot than cold and was growing rather tired of that box of summer clothes sitting in purgatory on the guest bed. 

It’s amazing the things you just get used to.  For the first week, the box looms large and you hem and haw over whether to take the leap and put those summer clothes in the drawer and put away the long johns or whether to just put the box back in the closet and wait out the weather.  Eventually though, the box blends into the landscape of the bed and your mind just slides over it as if it was supposed to be there, as if the guest bed couldn’t exist without it.

We humans adapt to the craziest of situations.  Remember this time last year when we were adapting to the crazy conditions of a global pandemic?  Ugh. But by the end of the year, our minds just slid around the strangeness of masks and intense anger as if they were supposed to be there and the world couldn’t exist without them.

And now, as we venture back out into the world once mad, we will again adapt to new idiosyncrasies and work around new challenges.  The human mind is simply amazing.  

We'll be at the downtown Hickory Farmers Market on Wedneday 10-2 and Saturday 8-1, and the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market 8-1, and the Watauga County Farmers Market 8-noon. Not a harvest share member and couldn't get a cucumber or tomato? You can order from our farm stand here: https://www.harvie.farm/farm/tumbling-shoals-farm/shop

Here's what we'll have:

Baby Lettuce Salad mix: $4/5-oz compostable container (or 2/$7)

Arugula: $4/5-oz compostable container (or 2/$7)

Radishes: $2.75/bunch

Red Leaf Lettuce (summercrisp): $3/head

Green leaf lettuce: $3/head

Kale: $3/bunch

Celery: $3.75/bunch

Collard greens: $3/bunch

Rainbow Chard: $3/bunch

Scallions: $3/bunch

Cucumbers: $2.95/pound

Tomatoes: $3.95/pound

Zucchini: $2.25/pound

Parsley: $2/bunch

Cilantro: $2/bunch

Dill: $2/bunch

Garlic Scapes: $3/bunch



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