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The Golden Day

Posted 6/14/2021 2:14pm by Shiloh Avery.

Do you ever experience days where it feels like an angel has cleared the way in front of you so that everything just goes perfectly right?  Saturday was one of those days.  The Saturday before my trailer lights were…let’s say “ornery” at 4:30 in the morning.  We wiggled the plugs around and duct taped them into a position where they worked just to get me safely to Hickory.

Of course, we waited until Friday afternoon of this past week to do anything about it. First, we replaced the van plug to no avail.  We tested continuity and voltage and everything seemed to be in order so we replaced the trailer plug.  Still no lights.  We tested the ground-it was good, we tested voltage and continuity after the new plug connections and again, everything was working properly except that we still had no trailer lights.

At our wits end, I just resigned myself to head out the next morning without trailer lights and hope for the best until I could get it to our mechanic for repair on Monday.  It just made no sense that they weren’t working! 

So Saturday morning, we actually attached a head lamp with a flashing red light mode to the back of the trailer so at least people would be able to see me and got ready to head on my treacherous journey (what else could I do?  We don’t have another vehicle that could hold all the produce, and we make our living in such a limited time, skipping was not an option).  So I get into the van and turn on the lights a lo and behold: the trailer lights were working perfectly!

I giggled the whole way to market.  Then, for the first time this year, I backed that trailer absolutely perfectly into a parking space on the first try without any adjustments.  I recognize that this does not exactly sound exciting, but it definitely was exciting to me—that’s a tight space there where I have to maneuver that trailer.  So by the time other vendors came to market and were talking about the imminent rain, I assured them that it wouldn’t rain until after market was over because I was having a “golden day”. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but if not, I’m coining it.

And so it was a “golden day”.  It did not, in fact, rain during market hours and then again it did not rain on our lovely farmily dinner that evening.  Such a perfect ending to a perfect day. Insert pleasurable sigh here.


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