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Insane driving and the irony of the stoic audiobook

Posted 6/21/2021 7:15pm by Shiloh Avery.

Since I obviously deleted the photo of the offending car, I thought you might enjoy this picture of veggies in shoes. Farm Life. What do you harvest your veggies into?


I spend roughly 7 hours alone in my van each week during the main season. This leads to a couple of things. One, I see some crazy driving. And two, I listen to a lot of audio books.

So today, on my way back home from Lenoir on Highway 268, which is a rural curvy 2-lane “highway”, the car following very closely behind me pulls out into the oncoming traffic lane to pass me. No big deal, right? Except there IS on-coming traffic (and it’s a no-passing zone, but even that isn’t super alarming when you drive as much as I do).  I expected the car to slide back in behind me when they saw the oncoming car but they did not!!!  I braked hard and the oncoming car braked hard and actually pulled off the side of the road and there was much shock and a fair amount of cursing and head shaking. Then, shockingly, they did it AGAIN!

Of course, the audio book I happen to be listening to is a book about the Greek philosophy of Stoicism.  I’m only half way through, but it seems to be all about living the best expression of yourself in each and every moment.  It happily rambled on about not letting external circumstances out of our control allow an emotional response over a reasoned response. 

Because it’s 268 and of course said crazy car got caught behind other reasonable drivers, I ended up behind it and even (not proud of this) took a picture of the license plate (what, exactly, I thought I was going to do with that pictures remains unknown but somehow it made me feel better for a second) before the audiobook caught up with me.

Was I having an emotional response?  Well yes. Yes I was.  Was whatever I thought I was going to do with the picture of the license plate a reasoned thing to do? Did I stop to consider that, while that sort of driving puts many more people at risk than the driver of that car, nothing terrible actually happened (the rest of us took responsibility to allow that car to return safely to their proper lane and speed on ahead) and that maybe there was a perfectly good reason for their haste.  Like rushing to an injured child, or umpteen other scenarios.  Well, no. No I did not.  At least not until I heard that audiobook droning on.  Sigh.  I’ve got a long way to go.


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