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Annual parenthood begins with hope

Posted 1/25/2013 1:06pm by Shiloh Avery.

greenhouse babies

I am sitting in my office today, gazing out at what suffices in North Carolina as a winter wonderland.  I hear the rapid staccato of ice pellets hitting the roof and find myself exhilaratingly thankful that I have a roof that doesn’t leak and is insulated.  It wasn’t so many years ago that we would have been huddling together under blankets sporting bulky winter hats and clothes in the camper on a day like today.  Instead, there’s a nice fire burning and a dog cuddled up by my feet which makes sitting here gazing out the window at inclement weather a lot more pleasant.  We’ve just completed our taxes and yearly budget which, strange as it is, always energizes me for the upcoming season.  I just picked up the last of the farm equipment from the repair shop and as soon as the fields dry out from this current system, we’ll be bundled up out there planting!  We just hired our first employee of the 2013 season and I’m beginning to form visions of the greatest season yet in my head.  For farmers, every season begins with hope.  The new year begins with nothing but an inner vision of beauty and bounty. We sow these little specks in the greenhouse with all the faith in the world that they will grow into successful crops that will pay us back in kind for all the love and care we give them.  I guess that’s the difference (one of them anyway) between what I like to call our “annual parenthood” and real parenthood: we fully expect a payback from our adult babies.  That and the fact that they don't cry or talk back (not in the literal sense anyway).


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