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Posted 1/2/2018 9:37am by Shiloh Avery.

I borrowed this picture from the internet, no, we do not yet have carrots.

Let’s be clear: I am not musical. I cannot sing, I cannot play a musical instrument, I can barely even dance (although in the moment, I always believe I can).  But I have a second mundane super power (well, since you asked: my first mundane super power is choosing the perfect size Tupperware for the leftovers): coming up with band names.  

My band used to be called “Inappropriate Carrot”. My friend Marissa has a tattoo of a carrot that says “Root of all evil.”  And if my band was still called “Inappropriate Carrot”, I would definitely get a tattoo of an inappropriate carrot (“definitely”-I mean you’ve got to be committed to your musical project right?).  Perhaps, if you’ve never grown carrots, since only the appropriate carrots make it to market, you’ve never come across an inappropriate carrot.  Have no fear! You can join in the fun too! Turns out, inappropriate carrots have made it to the internet (shocking!). Just Google “inappropriate carrot” to find all the reject carrots that never made it to market.  

Speaking of rejects, my band name has since evolved into “Edible Rejects”. Good huh?  It sort of fits that inappropriate carrots are edible rejects, and that my band might encompass more than just carrots.  



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