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Crowd Surfing

Posted 10/24/2017 6:19am by Shiloh Avery.

a random picture of an crowd surfing I found on the internet

 I attended my first punk show last Wednesday.  Ha ha.  Can you picture it?  A pair of overalls and a plaid collared shirt in a sea of black leather and painted skulls.  But the punks didn’t seem to mind, or really even notice.  In other words, I fit right in.

A large part of punk shows, as it turns out, is crowd surfing.  Have you ever seen crowd surfing?  It takes the whole crowd, essentially, to catch the stranger diving from the stage, each member lending their upraised hands, and pass them around overhead without dropping them.  It’s an astounding exercise in trust and community. You leap, literally into the hands of many complete strangers and trust that they’re going to catch you and hold you up.  And it works! 

Of course I found a metaphor in this.  I didn’t crowd surf at the show  (after all, I had never even heard of the band before that evening…crowd surfing just seemed like too much, plus I’m Midwestern and surely Midwesterners do not crowd surf.)  But still, I relate to the concept.  This exercise in trust and community is not unlike the one that small business owners like ourselves experience every day.  You leap out into the community around you and trust that everyone will do their small part to keep you afloat. See?  Crowd surfing.  Thanks, y’all, for not dropping us on our heads!


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