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Fuzzy focus

Posted 9/9/2013 2:55pm by Shiloh Avery.

empty hoophouse
Cleaning up the hoop house for strawberry planting

It’s September!  Nobody even told me! Do you know how I found out?  I began to lose focus a little bit.  With more or less all the fall planting done, management of the farm switches to mostly harvesting, washing and packing and disassembly.  We begin to prepare the farm for hibernation.  Aside from the harvesting, washing, packing and markets, the schedules and deadlines get a little fuzzier. Well, that trellis needs to be disassembled but it doesn’t absolutely have to happen today.  So I find my mind wandering.  I start to read more, hang out with friends more, watch football, think about vacation…  I’m just not completely focused on the farm like I am the rest of the season. It was these signs that clued me in to the fact that it is September.


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