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How to win at strip poker

Posted 10/2/2017 5:49pm by Shiloh Avery.

And just like that we’ve landed right smack in the middle of stripping season.  October (the best month ever!) has made its grand entrance and forced our wardrobe hand.  If we didn’t know how to win strip poker before, October (not her stripper name) will teach us.  Mornings require hats, gloves, and roughly 14 layers, but just until the sun arrives above the trees, then maybe the hat can go, soon followed by the gloves.  Then, slowly but surely, you lose the poker hands until you’re down to a t-shirt and pants (hopefully) by the afternoon.  

But don’t get too comfy!  That sun gets lazy in the late afternoon and  you’ll start winning hands and need to re-apply layers one by one until the evening when you’re back in roughly 14 layers.  Which is probably good because otherwise you might be tempted to be a sloppy stripper and leave all those layers laying about all over the farm which would make mornings a bit, uh, chillier.


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