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In defense of August

Posted 8/17/2009 8:23pm by Shiloh Avery.

Our new hoophouses

An oversized puzzle (our new hoophouses!  Ha evil step-mother nature, try to thwart us next year!)


August.  I almost feel like I need say no more. I used to think of August as the most brutal farming month.  In fact, a wise old farmer once advised me never to evaluate my profession in August.  The weeds are a mile high, the wicked hot air presses down on me, and the insects arrive en force.  But I’m welcoming this August with open arms.  It brought along with it the first hot and dry-ish weather we’ve seen all season, which is what all our summer crops have been waiting for.  Insects, I suppose, but that includes colorful butterflies, the summer serenade of the cicada, and, well technically not an insect, the hummingbirds also come out in force in August.  This is the time when I love working in the flowers. And weeds, well, I suppose that can’t be helped much after all the rain, but all in all, I’m inclined to defend August this year.

I’ve been talking a lot about thwarting Evil Step-Mother Nature next year.  Well, our hoophouses arrived today!  To us, they’re basically big umbrellas under which to grow strawberries and tomatoes (and actually harvest some!!!), but they also offer a little season extension (earlier tomatoes and late strawberries).  It was exciting to unload the truck, but it will be even more exciting to put them up, I’m sure, as right now they appear like an oversized puzzle.  Hmmm.  I think Jason will manage that project.  We intend to get one of them up for strawberries in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout pictures of frustrated faces. 


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