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It's too late baby

Posted 9/11/2017 6:51pm by Shiloh Avery.

Battening down the hatches just in case (and to avoid any regrets later that we didn't do everything we can)

I’m sorry all you cool weather lovers, but I was distinctly not ready to give up summer’s caress.  I did not get enough prosecco on the porch, river floating, or just plain sitting outside with good friends.  Part of that is self-inflicted.  We worked way too many hours this summer.  It felt necessary at the time, but we’re beginning to think regulating one’s working hours is more a state of mind.  As a farmer acquaintance near Asheville said, “I’ve discovered that it’s more of a conscious choice rather than an opportunity that comes up. There are a million things to do on the farm today, but today I’m choosing to take some time off to rest and enjoy the nice weather and an opportunity to do a whole lot of nothing.”  

But in previous years, we had more time.  September can hold onto summer like a desperate lover, and I can recognize my earlier lifestyle mistakes and slow down, ignore the million things to do on the farm and enjoy the nice weather.  Exactly a year ago, I was porch sitting with friends in a sleeveless shirt, skirt and bare feet well into the evening.  This year, porch sitting was in full cold gear including a blanket, and soon migrated inside by the fire.  The fire!  In September!  

Still though, it was porch sitting.  And enjoying the company of good friends.  And doing a whole lot of nothing.  So I guess it’s not too late to recognize our earlier lifestyle mistakes and slow down…it just might not be enjoying the nice weather on the porch.  


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