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Posted 8/5/2013 5:52pm by Shiloh Avery.

big happy fluffy fun cloud
Big happy fluffy fun clouds

I noticed yesterday that there’s been a dearth of laughter around here.  It seems we’ve been taking everything just a bit too serious lately.  I noticed yesterday because I spent it hula-hooping and dancing and just engaging in general fun.  It was a day in which laughter abounded.  In a season with as many challenges as this one has provided, I guess you just put your nose to the grind stone and forget to look up and enjoy living sometimes.  I’m making a mental note to do that more often.  Because really, when it’s not raining (which isn’t that often I know, but still…), the weather has been catastrophically perfect.  Breezy, sunny with big puffy fun clouds meandering along, and not very hot.  Perfect for bubbling laughter.  I might even make us some hula hoops to hang about as gentle reminders to just stop and have a little fun sometimes. 


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