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My hippy moment

Posted 5/9/2016 6:21pm by Shiloh Avery.

Sonia just came back to the farm today to talk with us about farm life as it relates to some classic “sustainable development” literature.  Inspired by “Small is Beautiful” by E.F Shumacher or Henry David Thoreau, she asked us something about our spiritual connection with the land.  There was a pause.  

It’s a pause I would do well to take more often.  Because yes, there is a spiritual connection to this land.  There is a symbiotic relationship there. We try to give to the land and take care of the land so that in return, the land provides us our living and takes care of us.  

But this relationship gets pushed to the furthest reaches of my mind as I get caught up in the fast paced enormous workload of economic reality that farming is.  I mean, farming is hard.  But I don’t say that in a whiny voice.  It’s a good kind of hard.  A kind of hard that makes me proud to be doing it.  A kind of hard that puts me to bed at the end of the day utterly exhausted but with a smile on face.  Because my life feels so full of purpose.  Like I was put here to coax life from this land and feed my community.   

So yes, I should pause a little more often to reflect on my “spiritual” relationship with this land that I temporarily grace.  Because I do love it, and I love that it gives my life meaning and satisfaction. I can only hope that I am taking as good of care of this land as it is taking of me. So pardon me this hippy moment.


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