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passion of the paperwork

Posted 7/25/2011 4:37pm by Shiloh Avery.

certification application
Happy girl with her certification paperwork

I have a private passion for paperwork.  It appeals to some deep seated desire for structure and organization.  Funny I never felt cut out for office work.  I think it’s the lights in those places.  But something about spreadsheets gets me giddy.  All day I’ve been snuggled up to my computer in this here corner office (oh yes, the corner!), watching the rain come down outside the window (oh yes, the corner office has a window), putting numbers and words into little boxes, making lists with headers and footers, checking off items from a list, trying to fit what it is we do here into neat little boxes.  The whir of the ceiling fan sets the rhythm.  The sun filters in through the clouds and all I’m missing is the tap-tap of an old fashioned typewriter and hazy cigarette smoke and I could be in a novel.  Just a background character working diligently at whatever background characters work so diligently, keeping the scene company.  And in the end, I pack up forty pages of neat little numbers and legions of lists, mail it off and hope it’s a decent enough explanation to continue to call what we do here organic farming.  Check that off the list!



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