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Peripheral Vision

Posted 12/12/2017 7:35pm by Shiloh Avery.

Chairman Meow knows there's time to snuggle, even if it's in the field

I know there’s a “to-do” list somewhere, but at this point it’s sort of an abstract concept floating out there in the corner of my mind somewhere.  Like those little squiggles you see after looking at a bright light that hang out in your peripheral vision and that you know are there but that disappear as soon as you try to focus on them.

I just plug along, toiling away the short cold days with small, accomplish-able tasks.  Despite nursing along a few winter crops and spending three days harvesting, washing, packing and going to market, I still manage to find time to stare at the fire in the wood stove and snuggle with my kitten.  I still find time to slow down, to relax, to renew the spirit that propelled me to this profession all those years ago. 



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