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planting time

Posted 2/6/2013 3:56pm by Shiloh Avery.

Jason preparing beds in the hoop house for planting


Last year we confidently took on a new approach to winter squash production.  In this case “confidently” is close to “stupidly.”  We had seen it work, more or less, on someone else’s farm.  It seemed like a great idea.  So we went for it.  All of it.  Never mind that usually when conducting an experiment or trialing a new crop, we do it on a tiny scale first.  Just to see.  Not this time, nope.  We experimented with organic no-till on the entire field.  Funny, I’m usually sick of winter squash by this time of year.  But not this year.  We lost the entire field to that experiment.  Oops. 

So it’s time to begin planting again.  As usual this time of year, “planting” involves a lot of tricky maneuvering around the weather and wet fields.  So the other day I was out sticking my hands in the fields expecting that oft-wet field where the no-till experiment so greatly failed us to be too wet to get into with the tractor.  I stuck my hand in this year’s brassica field: too wet.  I stuck my hand in this year’s beet/chard field: too wet.  So only half heartedly did I even meander over to that ill-fated field to stick my hand in, but (you’re way ahead of me now)lo and behold!  It was perfectly fine in the moisture department!  I did a double take (or a double soil squeeze as is the case).  Huh?  Yep, turns out the ole’ no-till routine is EXCELLENT for soil quality (tons of organic matter and super drainage).  Almost makes me want to try no-till again.  Almost.


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