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Procrastination (one week emergency blog hiatus)

Posted 7/22/2013 6:17pm by Shiloh Avery.

organic certification paperwork
The long form :)

I am not usually a procrastinator.  I don’t have time to be. At least for those things I don’t absolutely hate doing, I’m not.  And the massive amount of paperwork involved in organic certification is one of those things.  Yep, you got me.  I have a secret penchant for paperwork.  Something about filling in all those little check boxes just gets me giddy.  And this year, under a new regime down at our certifier, we had to go back to the long application so there are even more of those little boxes to check!  But also, I somehow let the deadline sneak up on me until I found myself madly pushing papers around in my office attempting to pull it all together in a matter of days.  Yikes!  Thus, I am here by sending the blog on a week’s hiatus while I pile paper in a heap and get them to the certifier by, gulp, Friday.


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