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Posted 8/22/2011 6:06pm by Shiloh Avery.

Jason roasting peppers
The scent of roasted peppers in the air...

When I dream about laying in the grass gazing up at the fluffy cloud figures dancing across the sky, I dream about today.  Sunshine angled just enough to set off the shallow sea of a sky.  Angled just enough to glint gently off our skin and paint us orange in the mornings and evenings.  A light zephyr tickles our hair and rustles the leaves of the crops. It used to be that okra in [the month that must not be named] was the thing you picked as fast as you could in order to get out of there (and the long sleeve shirt and gloves it requires to pick it), but today, my belly full of sweet pepper delight, I moved lightly through, as if to savor every step, as if in a daydream.  The day was very dreamlike indeed.  Usually, I think of pepper season as something I have to pay for with my sweat and exhaustion, but this pepper season is a gift like a gentle morning lover’s kiss.  I can envision the open windows and white curtains, I awake to delicate kisses on my eyelids and a velvet breeze.  My eyes open to the subtle morning light and a tray of fresh red pepper slices for breakfast.  A dream like day indeed.  If I could purr, that’s what I’d be doing right now.



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