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Rain Check

Posted 8/7/2017 6:33pm by Shiloh Avery.

I know we needed the rain.  The road dust was beginning to collect on every surface and we were irrigating constantly.  We had cover crop seeds in the ground threatening to make me run sprinklers on them.  But cloudy rainy weather makes me LAZY!  I stare at Chairman Meow intently, willing one of those switch-a-roo movie moments to happen to us.  Where I’d get to laze around all day napping, eating, and licking myself. 

But movie moments only happen in my imagination.  Chairman Meow got to stay Chairman Meow and I got to stay the farmer, trudging out to the fields in full rain gear to tend the crops.  I love my job, but anybody who loves their job will tell you they want to stay curled up in the bed every once in a while and let the work go on without them. Take a rain check, so to speak.  Today was one of those days.




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