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the art of asking

Posted 7/8/2013 6:27pm by Shiloh Avery.
watermelons under water the pepper pond the overflowing creek
the creek overflowing great 2013 flood-pepper field the flooded grass buffer


I heard snippets of an interesting TED talk on Saturday. It was by musician Amanda Palmer, of whom I’d never heard, and whose music was not for me, but I found myself in a teary-eyed inspiration all the same.  In a gist: Amanda puts her music out there for “free”, then asks her fans, etc. to support her in her artistic endeavors via kickstarter or other internet mediums.  It wasn’t so much that which made my eyes blurry, but what she said about putting her faith in people.  About asking people to support her and trusting them to do so.  She calls it the “art of asking.”  I realized that we too, as farmers, put a lot of faith in you.  We ask you to show up on Wednesdays and Saturdays to purchase the fruits of our labor, we ask you to purchase those fruits in advance in the form of the harvest shares, and we ask you to put your faith in us to do our very best to bring you the best cleanest, healthiest fruits and veggies possible.  As humans, slogging through this world together, we ask these things of each other.

We’ve had a tough season.  We’ve been hit with hail, floods, a late frost, a tomato disease that thwarted all our extreme efforts to keep tomato diseases at bay, and just yesterday, the worst flooding this valley has ever seen (with potential for more rain yet in the forecast).  Yet today is a day of hope.  The sun is shining for the first time in two weeks, the clouds are white, fluffy and unthreatening, and I’m thinking of you and all your outpouring of care and concern when you heard about our late blight disaster.  And so here we are again, putting our faith in you to support us through this difficult season.  Here we are, asking you to eat fewer tomatoes this year, to put your faith in us to grow lots of other beautiful and tasty veggies for you to enjoy, and to come back next year when we, once again, have the most beautiful and delicious organic tomatoes for you (as well as all the other delicious veggies!).  And we thank you for your loyal support.


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