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The melange

Posted 8/29/2017 5:53am by Shiloh Avery.

It’s still August.  It’s chilly and cloudy and feels like October, but it’s still August.  It’s still August and we’ve had kale and chard and collards right along with okra and tomatoes on our plates.  Normally, our seasons here are like the items on a plate of children’s food: they don’t touch. 

Green things happen during green things season in the spring and fall, colorful things happen during colorful season in the summer, and we never have BLTs all from the farm.  

But this year is mixed up.  Millers Creek has decided it would like to be more like Michigan and our seasons are touching!  Mixing together all casually so that I don’t even know how to plan a menu anymore.  And we’re having a salad with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers all from the farm!  What, on earth, is going on and should I be alarmed or just enjoy the melange.





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