How Virtual Farm Stand Works

What is a virtual farm stand pop-up share? Great question!

When you order a pop up share through farm stand you’ll get access to one time shares when we have product available. You’ll be able to customize your share by swapping items AND adding additional items to your cart.

Looking for a lot of products? You do NOT need to purchase more than one share - simply increase the number of items you want to add to your share. You will be able to add extras to your order as well.

Here is how you get one:

1.  Anyone can subscribe and sign up for the "farm stand share" by CLICKING THIS LINK

2. This will bring you to the active farm stand page where you can build you order

3. Choose a delivery option

4. Choose a share: Don’t worry, once you’ve checked out, you’ll be prompted to customize the contents! Click “Select Share”, then click the box next to the April Pop-up Share Box in the pop-up window, then click “Add to order”    

5. Checkout: Click “Build Share and Start Customizing” to complete your order and customize it!

6. Enter your credit card information Don’t worry, once you’ve checked out, you’ll be prompted to customize the contents! 

7. It's time to customize!

What to expect next

Your card will be charged when we finalize the delivery (in the early morning the day before your delivery--this gives us our harvest list). You’ll receive an order confirmation email as well as a notification when your share is on the way!

That’s it!


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