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Tumbling Shoals Farm photos
Jason and Shiloh in the fall fieldStill Life with TractorSquash fieldbutterfly on zinniasOur niece, Sadie, the tomato monsterChairman Meow cools offFall colors on the farmTumbling Shoals Farm in the fallJason and ShilohFamous dictators on the tractorFinishing the officeSome migrant (Michigan) labor picking tomatoesJune marketMigrant child labor and their mother picking tomatoesNearly finished officeMigrant labor cutting flowersSpring market standWatauga County Farmers marketthe pepper fieldPeppers in the greenhouseShilohJasonChairman MeowKitty Amin counts moneyDean mowingflame weedingplow 1st spring fieldsjason greenhouse addition1onion plants in snowShoveling gravel into the greenhouse additiontamping gravel for new walk in coolerre building fencefennel seedlingsfull greenhouse before additionseedlingsSpring farm with blanketsApril 7, 2009the cooler "before"tamping gravel for new walk in cooler foundationErecting the "new" walk in coolerwalk in cooler constructionevery assembly project needs a sledge hammer!The finished walk in cooler!Radishes growing in the fieldMaggie and Jason planting tomatoesShiloh hauling the flower harvestOne of the many farmer's hand colorsBeautiful chiles!Shiloh with zinniasThe beginningTake one (definately NOT the way to do it!)Halfway therePut that belly into it!"finished"!Shiloh drilling top purlin with hawks prowling the skies behindShiloh on improvised ladder extensionKitty Amin tucked in the tarp for a napFall collardsfall field 2009Savoy cabbage plantfall spiderStrawberries in their new tunnel (before plastic)Shiloh with organic certification applicationJason in the potatoesTomatoes in the mistChard harvestThe first tomato!Hot!Jason digging potatoesSam digging potatoesSometimes we get dirtySam with veggiesShiloh in the sea of winter squasha double rainbow after the crazy stormdisturbing the peaceThe chile roaster debutTumbling Shoals Farm is certified organic!Zinnias add some color to the beautiful farmVery baby birds in their nest in the tomatoesSky high okraJason harvesting carrotsthe cooler is packed!the largest carrot!tucking the tomatoes in for a cold nightBrooke discingA motely crewDavid discinghoeing onionsThinning beets by handNewly planted tomatoes under their umbrella!honeybee on wild blackberriesa trailer full of pepper plants, ready for the fieldJason washing radishesa neighboring cow"The crew" planting peppersBrooke bunching radishesCory planting peppersTeam Tumbling ShoalsBeer-thirty on FridayBrooke and David harvesting onionsBrooke harvesting onionsDavid harvesting onionsJason harvesting onionsBrooke taming the tomato junglePlanting sweet potatoesBrooke harvesting green onionsThe 2011 TSF family (drawing by Brooke)David double fisted weedeating (what a machine!)garlic!tomato handsCory's beesCory's bees with squashCory's beesThe new farm dogCory tossing a straw bale to BrookeFrom us to you, from the heartCory and David harvesting kaleTruly vine ripened tomatoesCory soaking wetBrooke and Jason doing chin excercisesCory working the beesThe half naked tomato tying crewDavid mowing buckwheatWhen it gets hot, we get half nakedShiloh and Larry diagnosing mechanical problemsCory's hat is tiredShiloh making bouquetsShiloh's mixed bouquetsColors of AugustBig August sky at the farmWilkes County Chamber of Commerce tomato tasting eventJason roasting peppersColors at the Watauga County farmers' marketThe Tumbling Shoals Farm Family 2011Shiloh's hands-ready for prom!Shiloh planting tomatoes in hoop houseartichoke plantscloudsJason building tomato trellis in the hoophouseJason digging a hole for a new deer fenceJason planting onionsJason planting potatoesJason building new deer fenceJason thinning beetsthe early spring hoop houseJason playing with row covernewly planted fennelShiloh planting tomatoes in the hoop houseOur potato cutting stationErecting the haygrove tomato umbrellaTucking the baby lettuce in for the cold nightOne of the few moments when the EZGO was workingPlanting tomatoesWe finally wore those pups outFarmers' market in HickoryEmily acting the part of the EZGOHoeing cornBird's nest in the carrotsEmily shooting the "junior model"Emily loves the ATV!Lacey and Mitch gangsta tapenersLacey modeling her new sunscreen shirtLacey planting melonsJason' Monday lookJason in tree pose with cabbageLacey hauling onionsPopsicle break!Mitch planting melons in the hoophouseMitch pouding posts for pepper trellisOnion harvestThe farmily planting no-till winter squashJason rolling the no-till cover cropEmily and Lacey take on the picnic table!Fastening the end of the haygrove plasticEmily and Lacey in the red hat cult that is TSFTomatoes tucked in for the nightWhew that was cold! (after 80 degree weather)Emily pinning plastic on the haygrove tomato umbrellaA frost damaged tomatoMowing a gorgeous cover cropEmily and Mitch harvesting potatoesA honeybee on a sunflowerTully gives Jason a high fiveEmily and Lacey "shopping" for okraEmily cutting sunflowersEmily loves flowers!Lacey juggling bottlesMitch and Lacey thumb wrestling during some down timeLacey up to batLacey cutting zinniasWorking that ATV!Mitch the crazy sunflower murderer!Mitch cutting sunflowers2012 Tumbling Shoals FarmilyPicking beans in the beautiful Tumbling Shoals ValleyMitch really gets up in those sungolds to pick!Tumbling Shoals Farm at Watauga County Farmers MarketEmily and Lacey having fun in the okra fieldLacey roasting peppersJason harvesting peppersLacey gathering grass to make bouquetsLacey in the pepper patchLacey digging sweet potatoesLacey and Emily building trellis piecesBeautiful copia tomatoesRoma tomatoesJason loves cockscomb!Mitch mowing down the sweet corn stalksLacey organizes the tomato/pepper roomMadeleine harvesting for physical therapy on her wristEmily and Mitch snacking in the fieldThe third annual tomato tastingMitch with the giant corno di toro pepperA sungold picking party!Our creek bank restoration/stabilization projectLacey mowing the spent flower fieldOur creek bank restoration projectItchy bellies!!! (must have been chiggers in the straw)Lacey feeling Emily's muscleTully and Taurus BFFsSpider web in sunriseTaurus and Tully BFFsdisassembling the haygrove tomato umbrellaShiloh sowing the first seeds in the greenhouseHickory Farmers MarketWatauga farmers marketseedlings in the greenhouseJason tilling the hoop house beds for plantingJason preparing the hoop house beds for plantingJason and Lee building the third employee "pod"Jason and Lee building the 3rd employee "pod"Happy hiking dogThe finished cabinCold frame getting filled up in FebruaryBuilding the third cabinBuilding the third cabinThe farm under blanketsThe pigs make short work of their new groundDean helps to move the pig fenceThe pigs' first moveRandy installing a native been nesting siteThe finished native bee nesting siteJason shovels gravel into bags to hold down farm blanketsRandy installs native bee nesting habitatSandy planting potatoesJason tying off bags of gravel to hold down row coversthe pigs arriveJason harvests "micro-greens" from extra lettuce flatsa lizard hanging out in the greenhousepig butts are cute!PigsPigsPigspigs rootingThe pigs with their new (harder to flip) feederpigs rootingThe pigs love to flip their food bowlTully demonstrates her own rooting skillsTully watches intently as the pigs rootTully loves the pigshoophouse lettuceA pig with pants!Pigs telling secretsJust a pig being adorableJason petting pigs"Skinning" the tomato umbrella"Skinning" the tomato umbrella"Skinning" the tomato umbrellaWe've got electricity in our "shop" finally!!We've got electricity in our "shop" finally!!!Shannon discing a fieldThe first brave soul to exit the delivery crateThe chickens are delivered to their new houseJason moves the chicken house out to pastureThe first egg!The first brave chickens to leave the house in the morningThe chickens' first day on pasturefrost damaged summer squash plant (oops)Gretchen with the salad spinnerShannon discingShannon washing radishesLee and Jason building the third employee cabineSandy planting potatoesShannon hauling straw mulch in the gatorGretchen on her "float"April market in HickoryMay 6, 2013 floodDrowing spinach (May 6th flood)May 6, 2013 floodingMay 6, 2013 floodingMay 6, 2013 floodingMay 6, 2013 floodingTully and Jason having a time in the rain and puddlesTully finds an alternative "creek" to play since hers is too strongroaring "creek"Tomatoes under their frost blanket "tent" for May 13th frostweeding carrots is a bit hard on the back (Gretchen, Nathan and Jason)Pigs love mud!Nathan at beer thirty FridayThis pig thinks he's a hippoNathan planting peppersShannon spreads mulchJason, or really the tractor, is followed by swallows skimming for the insects he disturbsSwallows follow the tractor skimming for insectsA swallow skims over a freshly mowed fieldSwallows enjoying the mowingThinning and weeding carrotsBuilding the chicory fortressThe chicory fortress (take that deer punks!)Gretchen, Nathan and Shannon cleaning scallionsGretchen planting peppersNathan and Gretchen joustingShiloh and Mitch with gunsNathan hauling straw mulchNathan harvesting lettuce in the rainMitch harvesting lettuce in the rainPig noses covered with strawberry juiceNathan, with his camelback under his raincoat, looking ever like a hunchbackThe pigs love strawberry culls!A swallow skims a freshly mowed field for insectsswallows follow the mower, feasting on the insects it disturbsA swallow grabs the insects that Jason's mowing disturbsA swallow chasing insects above a freshly mowed fieldJason's camelbak sunburnDean the weed-eating machine!Gretchen and Shiloh watching the gun showHauling Tully up the hill before the shooting beginsWhiskey and Tully all tangled up in drip tapeNathan trellising peppers (did I mention we bend over a lot?)Pigs love radicchio!Piles of beets make Gretchen SO HAPPY!Sandi helps clean and bunch scallionNathan and Mitch hauling in the harvestGretchen mulchingGretchen's "gun show"Mitch mulchingI'm standing in the grass buffer between fields, clearly now a river tooThe creek out of it's banks fords the drivewayThe view of the flooded creek from the bridgeThe pepper "pond"Jason's drain completely submergedthe grass buffer between the field on the left and the creek on the rightthe creek rises up into the pepper fieldThe creek edge is normally on the other side of that grass!!!The roaring creek out of it's banks for the first time everThe new river that was the grass buffer between the field on the left (partially submerged) and the creek on the rightI don't think that's what they meant by "watermelon" (melons under water)The hogs are now in a riverthe potato field under waterThe creek crashing into the bottom of our bridgeThe creek rises up and out of its banks into the sweet potato fieldThe overflowing creek fords the drivewaythe view of the neighbor's bridge disaster from the roadThe flood took out the neighbor's bridgeThis chicken hates snow!Jason showing the too-short plasticA very cold farmer!This chicken hates the snow!Farm fashionPoor flamingo!a very full greenhouseJason moving the chicken hut to shelter just as thJason pushing snow off from a hoop housea snowy farmA surprise March 25th snowy farmJason hauling a giant load of straw in the gatorJason pushing snow off from hoop house during a March 25th surprise snow stormJason seeding beetsShiloh pushing snow off from the cold frame after a surprise March 25th snow stormShiloh plants the seed potato piecesBirdie cuts up the seed potatoes for plantingBracing the haygroveJason raking over planted potatoesLizzy potting up tomatoesA snowy farm surprise on March 25thSnow covered daffodil surprise March 25thIs that a little kale in your pocket Nathan?Planting kohlrabiRachel planting lettuceRahcel pulls the plastic over the hoop houseRoxanne thinks she's a lap dogRoxanne's bad ass lookThe last chicken--dubbed "the ultimate warrior"Shiloh (and Tully) planting potatoes"Skinning" the hoophouseJason and his parents thinning chard transplantsTrixie, our farm foster dogTrixie and TullyTwo worn out farm dogsRachelLizzyNathanJasonDrying and folding up row covers after the April15th hard freezeRaising the plastic for the tomato umbrellaJason playing in the mudWorking on some drainageTully and Trixie had had enough of being left behind.  They got in the truck and wouldn't get out.Tully and Trixie jumped in the open van to hide from the thunderstormTully and Trixie share a comfy nap after a hard day's playThe strange entourage of two dogs and a chicken await the crew's attentionThe first kale harvest 2014 (in the rain)Lizzy with Ultimate Warrior (or Lucille)Shiloh doing an interpretive dance (must be part Italian!)Nathan planting squashRachel planting squashRachel washing radishesThe van packed to the gills for a Memorial Day weekend marketCleaning scallions (Kyle, Nathan and Lizzy)And egg-beater car party at TSFSolarizing dockKyleLizzy lifting weightsShiloh at a May Hickory marketLizzy, Kyle and Nathan building tomato trellisNathan and Kyle planting gingerLizzy and Lacey pounding posts for the pepper trellis2014 tamale partyBloody Marys with Tumbling Shoals Farm everything (except hot sauce)Oyster SaturdayThe tamale partyPreparing the perennial culinary herb garden bedsNathan planting the perennial culinary herb gardenKyle harvesting sunflowersNathan hauling in cabbageThe crew cooling off in the river after several hot days of hard workJason's flavor saver saving some beet juiceKyle washing and boxing carrotsKyle and Lizzy cooling off in the river after several hot days in a rowLizzy juicing farm veggiesNathan and Kyle's bucket show!Taking a well deserved popsicle break on a hot dayLizzy and Shiloh with beet juice smilesremoving the Haygrove tomato umbrella plastic for the seasonNathan harvesting okra in the raina butterfly on butterfly weedHosting a Chamber of Commerce after hours eventDean weedeating (again)Harvesting peppersharvesting tomatoes in the rainHarvesting "winter" squash (in August)Our "hayless ride" up to lunch"In John Deere Green..."Jason peppers at our chamber of commerce eventKyle roasting peppersKyle washing potatoesLast beer-thirty with LizzyLizzy harvesting cockscombLizzy's muddy bootsMud!Nathan planting in the mudNathan and Kyle at an August marketNathan and Kyle with muddy bootsTrixie is ready to go somewhere...anywhere!Nathan spreading soybean mealplanting fall crops on a perfect dayour rasta pepper!"Shark-tater"Hauling in the pepper harvestShiloh on a rainy Fridaythe crew harvesting cockscombTrixie fetching a rotten peppperNathan and Kyle tying up the Haygrove plastic for the seasonBailey chasing Kyle on the tractorour dancing man ginger rootdigging sweet potatoesTractor work is dusty in those hoop housespulling down the haygrove plastic for the seasonKyle removing tomato vines from the hoop houseNathan removing the umbrella plastic clipsNathan's bucket sculpture


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